> Calibrated Audio Transmission
Digital Audio

If the sound level within the chamber, or the noise emitted by DUT has to measured, we offer a an audio system that can be calibrated.

PONTIS audio transmission systems makes sure that the signal at out put in the control is exactly the signal at the input plus a defined gain.

If there is a requirement to connect a high quality microphone (with 48V phantom power), the complete line can also be calibrated.

– fully digital transmission (S/P-DIF output)
– high accuracy, very low noise, balanced mic-preamplifier
– switchable mic-preamplifier gain: +20dB, +40dB and +60dB
– switchable +48V phantom power for condenser microphones Level indicator
– XLR (female) connector for direct microphone plug in
– a high accuracy measurement microphone with very flat frequency response is
– switchable automatic gain control at the ASAT (off, 6dB, 12dB, 18dB)
– high linear bandwidth 20Hz-20kHz (+/-1dB) and low noise audio performance

PONTIS EMC is a brand of