> HVDC Video Surveillance
Surveillance in HVDC Converter Halls

Although fire detectors are mandatory for converter halls, shielded surveillance cameras bring additional safety:

Detect hazard before it is serious
– Parts may have fallen onto the converters
– Parts may have gone lose or bent because of failure or heat
– Change of colour of hot parts
In case of a fire alarm
– Check if the alarm is real
– See what is actually burning and where
Check if someone is still in the hall before restart

Shielded CCTV components

– Susceptibility up to 200 V/m
– Can be integrated in existing surveillance system (ONVIF)
– All critical services, that may be a target for attack are disabled
– IR light to view without lighting up the hall
– Fibre connection to withstand high field strength.
– Remote, central power supply for better maintenance
– Versatile fixture for easy installation

Converter unit
can be integrated in existing video network

Central power supply
for cameras, lights and pan/tilt unit

PONTIS EMC is a brand of