EMC Hardened Audio Intercom

The EMC hardened audio intercom consists of the an EMC shielded satellite, which holds the microphone accompanied by a speaker or headset and a transceiver in the control room. It can be either a separate audio controller series 3 or the audio functionality is included in a camera controller.
The ASAT1D is equipped with an automatic gain control, which ensures a constant sound level, independent of the distance and the level of the sound source.

– Compatible with audio controller series Con3 and camera controllers (HD)Con4, (HD)Con4Eco, (HD)Con6
– RF-Immunity 200V/m up to 18GHz
– EMC compliant to CISPR 22 Class B
– Automatic gain control
– Up to 6 channels in one controller
– Digital audio transmission

PONTIS EMC is a brand of